Clash of Clans Update 2018: Things We Want Next

The successful mobile game Choque de clanes is more than five years old, and it is still strong. Now that the Constructor Base is one year old, what’s next? We hope to receive many updates in 2018, and with this in mind, here is what could come and what we want to see next.

The Supercell developers constantly listen to the comments of the players and make improvements in the game. We saw a lot of that in the March update, and we’re hearing that more will come this summer.

Now that players have two villages, more options for clan warfare and special events, many things are happening. However, that also means that there is a lot of room for new and exciting changes, game modes and additional features. We know that City Hall 12 will arrive with time, but here are some other things that we also want.

clash of clan update

What’s next for Clash of Clans? Town Hall 12, of course, along with Builder Hall 9 and some other things. For those who keep the account, the City Council 11 arrived in December 2015, so it is almost three years old. It is also the end of the game in Clash, at least for now.

We have no concrete evidence that City Council 12 will be arriving soon, although speaking in the Clash of Clans forum suggests it could be this summer or in the fall. In fact, the last major update was a year ago, in May, the Base Builder. Therefore, at some point in the next few months it makes sense for the City Council 12.

That said, the main village is just one aspect of the game. The Builder Base is starting to mature, and Supercell could take a lot of different directions for the future. Mix both villages into one, allow players to use both for Clan Wars, or just keep each separate and continue to improve them.

New troops and balance changes can only take things that far when the game is more than five years old. We need some drastic changes. The excitement is starting to fade, and the prices of updates continue to rise to the point that they are out of reach for many. As Town Hall 11 maximum, I only play to finish my three daily Builder Base attacks. Even with Clan Wars, things are no longer exciting.

With this in mind, here are some characteristics or potential changes we want or expect in 2018. These are changes based on what the community wants, what I want as a City Council 11, and some general changes we want to see. Whether they are in the Builders Base or in both villages.

The hometown and the Home Builders are completely different. Each one has pros and cons, or strengths and weaknesses. However, one thing we see often and want is against battles in the main village. Basically, something to make it exciting again.

In the Builders Base you do not lose gold or elixir of the battles, and instead, you fight with someone in front and who receives the most damage receives the booty. In this way, we do not lose tons of resources and we do not have to worry about gold or elixir while we fight.

Would not it be nice if Supercell added the same battles vs the regular base? Would it work? At this time you can attack people with the battle button, Clan Wars or Clan Games. That’s all, but we want one more option. In comparison, it would be a perfect way to earn more money and practice attacks without worrying about competing. Not to mention that each percentage counts, and the enormous bases in the town of origin means that these will be very tight matches.

The only potential problem is the pairing, and ensuring that these battles vs are fair. With such large bases and tons of defensive structures, finding a fair balance is probably a big challenge for developers. I’m even up to two clan members fighting two people from another clan, and they win the highest percentage and the stars. A new 2v2 mode, maybe.

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