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Roblox Updates Now Roblox begins international expansion with Spanish language support:

Roblox Corporation is finally deploying its social and game creation platform, Roblox, for an international audience. The support has been made available in Spanish, with more languages ​​by the end of this year.

Known by his characters Mega Bloks or LEGO, Roblox is a game creation tool launched in 2006 for PC that has since been extended to mobile devices, virtual reality and Xbox One. Although it was only available in English, Roblox had more than 64 million active users at the end of last year, with more than 29 million games created. In particular, its parental controls and easy-to-use tools make it an inviting platform for younger players to foster a love of creation and development.

Leading the international support efforts is the new president of Roblox International, Chris Misner. Misner is a former Apple executive with experience in reaching a global audience, having led International Expansion and Emerging Markets for the Apple Online Store. He also worked as general manager of the store’s Asia-Pacific region during his twelve-year career with the company.

By incorporating features such as community moderation, customer service and parent resources into other languages, Roblox Corporation hopes to expand its global audience and better secure a secure platform for younger players already playing in countries where English is not the primary language. .

Currently, Roblox has active players in more than 40 countries. Although only Spanish has been added so far, support will be launched in French, German and Brazilian Portuguese in the coming months and it is expected that more languages ​​will follow.

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