How Bulk SMS and HLR Lookup Can Enhance Marketing Advertising and Campaigns



Did you know you can save money, time and reliably reach your audience and costumers?

By incorporating bulk SMS services you can do. วิธีส่ง sms all these, whether you lead a small and medium business or an enterprise. It is the ideal platform to distribute important information instantly to multiple mobile phone users at a single click. You can replace or compliment your existing efforts by using bulk SMS in many ways.

Multiple functionality:

Advertising, marketing, branding tool; building awareness and attracting new costumers through bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Companies can pimp out the sender, the recipient, and the body of the SMS brought to their customers, prospects, contacts or web visitors.
Mobilising tool for events & campaigns. SMS can be extremely effective for mobilising in local and global campaigns. SMS messages can be sent once only or regularly during the lead-up to an event.
Content and data delivery tool; delivering content through SMS and thus adding value to your company’s existing services.
Inner enterprise communications tool; aiding communication between company employees and sectors. “Didn’t you get the memo? inches
Simple program and architecture:

Bulk SMS services allow you to submit bulk SMS via easy HTTP, SMPP, or website interfaces. You can also send single, group or bulk SMS, without the need for any browser. Messages are instantly sent to mobile phone destinations.

Anyone who needs the ability to broadcast multiple messages simultaneously will benefit from bulk SMS. Although it also enables single messages to be delivered, its primary purpose is to make the job of bulk messaging simple and fast. An easy to use program, combining data management, message creation, enables users to type a single message, and broadcast it to many thousands of recipients.


Least cost routing where appropriate
Secure, fast and reliable delivery
Text, binary and Unicode messages
Concatenated and WAP Push messaging
Delivery reports
Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
Large throughput up to many SMS per second
HLR look up services
Premium SMS services
UK-based long inward bound numbers
2-way messaging solutions : SIM Hosting
HLR Lookup Services:

HLR Lookup allows the real time lookup of mobile numbers. This service enables you to identify that a mobile phone number exists and which network it is supposed to be to.


The HLR Lookup service is very valuable for countries where numbers are ported to between mobile seller networks.


The HLR Lookup is a service which retrieves IMSI and location for a given mobile phone number (MSISDN). MSISDN is sent and a query to an operator’s HLR (Home Location Register) is made. Then the response with the status of each number will be returned. HLR Lookup service enables realtime high capacity asks and fast response times.


HLR Lookup validity result
Mobile Country Code (MCC) of network seller complimenting to the mobile phone number
Mobile Network Code (MNC) of network seller complimenting to the mobile phone number
Network seller official name complimenting to the mobile phone number
Country of network seller complimenting to the mobile phone number
Offers total bulk SMS with direct SMSC connections providing you with the capacity to give SMS messages all over the world.

You can use outbound services (MT-SMS) to give messages on more than 700 carriers in 172 countries. They offer three different types of connections to their system, enabling a wide range of companies and individuals to use their SMS gateway.

Also their inward bound (MO-SMS) service is available in several countries. Power bulk SMS interactive 2 way SMS gateway provides fast, reliable, efficient and cost-effective direct interaction with your business. It is ideal for services such as 2-way marketing campaigns and SMS promotions.